Safari up to v60

This is what I like about blogging.
Somebody ALWAYS knows.
Apparently, Safari is now up to v60.
The v56 I received last night fixes a long list of mostly minor glitches affecting certain Web sites - eBay being one of them, where some Safari users here and in Germany had reported access problems. There were also a bunch of cookie issues straightened out for various sites and situations.
I'm not going to post the whole page of fixes. Suffice it to say, this is still beta software - albeit beta software that already is giving IE a run for the money.
There should be an Apple general update "soon." Whether that is this week or next, I don't know. "Soon," is all I'm told.

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I'm using Safari v56

No names or sources here but I'm using a version of Safari sent me last night marked v56.
I'm not sure on what is improved and there are only a few cryptic bits and pieces of info on this new version floating around some of the Mac blogs, like this German one (Use the Google translation). Here's another mention from MacRumors.
Who can tell us what's up with v56?
Update... see new post above

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NBC-TV blog segment

High Tech Talk Since I've spent so much time in the past few weeks with my ejournal and this Mac-Mike blog, I did my weekly High Tech Talk segment for the 215 NBC-TV News Channel affiliates this week on blogging. Click here to read the script.

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Safari MT login problem

Here's a glitch I've encountered in Safari: I use MoveableType to update this blog. There's a little login page I need to enter through to manage the blog that requires my user name and password. I get an "Invalid Login" message every time I type them in. I've cleared the cache and reloaded Safari but it still returns the invalid message. I think what happened is that the very first time I logged in, there was another username and pasword. I think somehow that got entered in Safari's keychain and it won't take the new one. Any ideas?
Update Issue solved from user tips... No Keychain in Safari...just deleted the cookie referring to the old login. Thanks all.

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Rendezvous another challenge to MS

BW Online | February 5, 2003 | A Rendezvous with Redmond? Here's a well done piece Alex Salkever put together for Business Week which underscores some of my intital impressions with Rendezvous. I've beeen impressed with WIndows XP's wireless capabilities, but Rendezvous has been easier to set up.

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Airport Extreme experience

I got Airport Extreme up and running over the weekend. Actually, that statement is a bit misleading. It makes it sound like it took a lot of effort. About all I did was unplug the cable Internet cable from the old Orinco base station, plug in the Airport Extreme unit, attach a cable to my Ethernet LAN router (it connects three PC's and my dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4) and I was up in running in... oh... maybe five minutes.
My new PowerBook has an Airport Extreme card and connects wirelessly.
Everything... the three Windows machines, the two Macs... networked without a bit of hesitation. All share the broadband Net connection flawlessly.
Here's my initial impressions of Airport Extreme:
Range: A little better than the Orinco. In the living room 30 feet away, I get between three and four bars on the Airport signal strength meter - same as the Orinco. Moving to the kitchen - 40 feet away - it's down to two bars but still solid. The Orinco system was iffy in the kitchen. I have the Airport Extreme base station model that allows for an external antenna. When spring comes to these parts, I'll want to roam outside on the deck. The Dr. Bott 250-foot range antenna is on my list.
Features: I really like the USB printer port at the back of the Airport Extreme base station. I attached my HP 5550 and it was instantly recognized by my 12-inch PowerBook and the deskop system. This is great. I used to have to e-mail myself documents from the PowerBook to print out from the desktop. No more.
Rendezvous: Excellent. This is the first time I used this Apple networking tool and it was so amazingly simple that I'm still shaking my head. Sharing files between Macs wirelessly from different rooms saves steps and is just plain cool. I may never leave my big leather easychair.
Speed: Airport Extreme, of course, uses the new 802.11g Wi-Fi protocol, capable of speeds up to 54 Mbps, compared to 11 Mbps with the older 802.11b standard. (It IS backwards compatible with old 802.11b systems). The increased speed is not noticed in surfing the Net. My broadband cable isn't anywhere near that speed, delivering at best, about 1.5 Mbps. Where the speed should be noticeable is in swapping files between computers on the LAN. Since I've just started using Rendezvous, I can't tell you whether I'm able to detect an improvement. All I know is it seems plenty fast to me. Maybe someone else who has Airport Extreme can post their results.

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Another 12-inch PowerBook review

A PowerBook That Would Make Rodin Proud ( Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post likes Apple's new 12-inch PowerBook. He notes the heat factor from that conductive metal case. I use mine for a couple hours each night, in front of a roaring fireplace, and have no complaints about the warmth. But then again, I live in Michigan and it's still very much winter here.

Two months into the switch

Besides being my birthday, today marks the second month anniversary of my "switch" to the Mac as my main system. I've received a lot of e-mail from longtime Mac users asking he how it's gone. And many potential switchers have inquired about the experience.
For those who read only the excerpts of these posts, the bottom line is: I wished I switched long before.

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Anybody using iBlog?

Christian Dyhr of Denmark tipped me off to iBlog, a new service for Mac users by a company called Lifli (say Lively). It's in beta right now but looks like it will be officially launched later this month. It looks pretty slick. Anybody have some iBlog sites we can check out?

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Mail Mail, Address, iCal and iSync

It's been about a week now since I moved all my e-mail, calendar and contacts over to the standard apps that ship with OS X. I had been using Entourage and was generally pleased with it.
But I am really impressed with the Mac programs.
The junk mail filter on Mail is the best I have seen. It really does a nice job of handling the 300-plus e-mails I get every day on three IMAP and three POP accounts.
I've color-coded mail for each account and even used Mail to automatically shunt certain e-mails to certain folders. But the junk mail function is Mail's top performer. It's absolutely superb, catching about 80 percent of all the spam I receive and learning to get more each day.
I also like the way iCal color codes appointments according to categories I determine - like family, work, church, personal, doctor appointments, etc. It and Address Book imported my Entourage entries without a hitch and iSync keeps my Palm, my .Mac account and the desktop G4 sychronized and up-to-date.
Still, here's a few wish-list features I'd like to see Apple include:
* More seamless interaction between Mail and Address Book. I'd like to be able to click on an e-mail address and have it automatically entered in the Address Book.
* Individual, specific signatures attached automatically for each separate e-mail account.
* To-do lists
* A common interface that lets you quickly see all four functions on a main page - e-mail, calendar, Address Book, To-Do.
I know. Entourage already has many of those functions. But Entourage is from Microsoft. Using Mail, Address Book, iCal, iSync and Safari gives me a clean and all-Apple interface. That just feels right. You know?

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iPod and working out

How many of you use the iPod as your daily exercise motivator? I've found a great source for workout music. My wife is an aerobics instructor and gets CD's from an outfit called DynaMix Music. The music is all aimed at getting the heart rate up there and lists music offerings by beat... 128 beats per minute is my favorite work out speed. Hey... it works. I'm down 40 pounds since November. I love my iPod. Keeps me moving.

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